Business Philosophy

We place the highest priority in helping you meet your financial goals.  We understand that our clients place significant trust in us, our objective advice, and our advisory skills.  We work to earn our clients' trust through 5 key tenets:

Place our clients' needs first and foremost in our practice:  We view ourselves as your fiduciaries, which means we place your interest first and foremost in an advisory role.  Our compensation is based on hourly fees or assets under management and not product commissions or referral fees.  Therefore, our advice is objective and based on individual client needs and not commissions or referral fees.                                                                                  

Deliver financial advice unique and flexible to each individual's changing needs:  Your financial goals and resources are different from everyone else and require unique evaluation and planning.  Life rarely follows a 30, 20 or even a 10 year plan.  Careers change, family additions occur, personal desires change, and an infinite number of other events happen that impact one's life.  Therefore, we work to build financial plans that will help you meet your goals and provide flexibility as those changes occur.                                                     

Monitor goal attainment:  In our experience, if we monitor progress towards a goal, it is more likely to be achieved. We work with you to assess progress towards goals and adjust if life events have changed.                                                                                                            

Work to minimize clients' costs by providing efficient tax management & low cost solutions:  Costs, such as taxes, product commissions, and transaction fees, are a top reason many financial plans do not work as planned.  Since we do not receive commissions, we work to identify low cost alternatives to typically commissioned based financial products.  In addition, as we are tax professionals, we apply our tax management skills to all financial advice to minimize the impact of taxes on financial plans.                                                           

Keep current on financial planning & investment techniques:  We are members of many professional organizations, which require extensive continuing education in various areas of tax, investments, insurance, and many other areas of financial planning.  We view this as critical to ensuring our clients receive the most current and appropriate advice for their needs.