Do you provide free initial consultations?

We understand that finding a financial advisor is not a simple effort.  Therefore, we do offer a one hour free initial consultation to determine if we are appropriate for your needs.

How are you compensated for your services?

We only receive compensation from you, either on an hourly fee basis or based on a percent of assets under management.  Please refer to our Form ADV Part 2 for details.

Do you require all clients to participate in comprehensive financial planning or can you perform targeted planning services?

Some clients prefer focused financial planning, targeting specific planning areas, such as taxes or retirement.  Other clients prefer a complete financial plan that encompasses all areas of the financial planning process.  We work with you to prioritize your planning needs, develop a proposal that is flexible, which can either be comprehensive or targeted depending on your needs.

Where do you require your clients to custody assets for asset management services?

We do not require clients to custody their investment assets with any specific custodian.  However, our preferred custodian is TD Ameritrade.