Investment Approach

In line with our business philosophy, we work with you to design and manage investment portfolios specific to your goals & needs.  We accomplish this through the following approach:

Build a partnership with you:  As our business philosophy is to place your needs first, we start with an agreement that demonstrates that philosophy.  The agreement does not give us discretion over our clients' investments; therefore we get your approval to implement our recommended investment advice.  In addition, our agreement, written in plain language, gives you the right to severe our relationship at no cost and with only two (2) days notice.  We believe this establishes our relationship as more of a partnership.

Develop an understanding of your needs:  Through various tools and meetings with you, we gain an understanding of your specific investment goals and level of comfort with the financial markets.  The objective is to identify the level of investment performance necessary to attain your financial goals.

Understand the current economic environment:  We monitor various economic data to identify the current conditions and direction of the US and world economy.  Since companies perform differently under various economic conditions, the current condition of the US and world economy becomes a basis for investment decisions.

Analyze the markets to identify specific opportunities:  Through various tools as well as fundamental and technical analysis, we identify potential investment opportunities, such as mutual funds, stocks, exchange traded funds, and other investment vehicles.  In combination with your goals, risk tolerance, and the US/world economic conditions, we identify the appropriate investments to meet your needs.                                                                 

Maintain a good understanding of the related costs:  Inherent in our investment analysis is the cost associated with the investment, both in transaction costs as well as taxes.  We work to identify those investments that are fairly priced, which help your investments grow faster and allow flexibility in your investment plan.                                                   

Communicate with our clients regularly:  We communicate any investment recommendations to you prior to implementing.  In addition, we provide quarterly investment reports to help you gauge our performance.  Finally, we have periodic meetings with you to discuss performance and any changes necessary to the investment plan.