Our Services

Investment & Asset Management:  We know you have worked hard to build retirement and other investment assets.  Through our investment approach, we work hard to grow your investment assets and meet your financial goals and objectives.

Investment Portfolio Reviews:  For those who prefer to self manage their investments, we can evaluate your portfolio in light of current/forecasted market conditions and recommend changes that can improve your overall portfolio performance.

Retirement Planning:  In today's world, retirement has many definitions to many people.  We also know that the type of retirement you wanted yesterday may change tomorrow.  So we work with you to determine what type of retirement you want, estimate your retirement needs, develop savings/investment goals and an investment plan.  We also work with you to monitor your progress and recommend any changes required to meet your goal.

Tax Advisory Services:  As tax professionals, we understand that taxes are likely one of your greatest expenses.  We can provide you with a variety of individual tax planning, representation, and preparation services to help manage this. 

Education Planning:  We work with our clients to help project education costs, prioritize education funding within their overall financial goals, and develop savings plans. In addition, we work to identify opportunities where children can actively participate in plans to manage the cost of college education.

Wealth Transfer Planning:  Presently estate tax can be as high as 40% of your total estate.  We can help with wealth transfer planning to reduce estate taxes and allow for more of your wealth to pass to your heirs.

Insurance Reviews:  Proper insurance is the foundation of any asset protection plan.  We can review your Life and Property & Casualty insurance coverages and determine if any additional needs may be required.

Cash Management and Budgeting:  Proper management of your cash flow is the engine of wealth creation.  We can help identify cash management opportunities through budget reviews, debt analysis, mortgage reviews, and other aspects of cash management.